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In addition to being disgusting, organic food is also dangerous, wasteful, and harmful for humans and animals. Here is where you can educate yourself about organic food, and order organic-free food for home delivery!

Organic Activist Spam Attack!

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Just when you think you know how low organic activists will sink, they sink lower. Organic activists from around the world have targeted this site with ‘comment spam’, blase meaningless statements that do nothing more than take up space. And perhaps forcing the editor to take the time to delete this verbal offal.

But the editor isn’t going to delete the stuff. It’s going to stay on the site, for all to see — thousands upon thousands of examples of organic activist drivel.

Million$ Against Monsanto?

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No, more like Billion$ Against Monsanto. 40 billion, to be precise.  Annual sales by the international organic industry are roughly $40 billion.

And for the Organic Consumers Association, $40 billion isn’t enough. They want to control the entire food supply, and putting Monsanto out of business would be a real money-maker.

Why? Because, without companies like Monsanto, all the food, everywhere, would be organic. Your options would be: eat organic, or starve. Considering that organic food is eight times more likely to infect you with E. coli, that’s not much of a trade-off. And, since organic farming produces about half as much food, the odds of you starving would be 50-50.

Tell the Organic Consumers Association that you are against the attempt by the international organic industry to get a choke-hold on the world’s food supply! Click on the yellow button and have your say!millionsagainst@gmail.com

Organic death toll continues

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In the article, Wyoming couple advocates for safer foods, we find a healthy, retired nurse laid low by E. coli. She died. And it turns out, the spinach which laid her low was ‘infected’ by E. coli. Which means, washing the spinach would have made no difference — obviously a case of using ‘organic’ fertilizer. Or, to be more blunt, the spinach was ‘grown in poop’.

The dangers of organic food are so severe that researchers are working around the clock to try to make it safe to eat. The problem: reliable germ-killing methods are not allowed for organic food! The latest attempt: sound waves to kill microbes. It appears that loud noises qualify as ‘organic’, but we’ll have to wait for the next batch of dead consumers to find out if it works.

The problem of people dying from organic food grown in filth is so severe that many concerned consumers are claiming that recent Federal legislation does not go far enough to ensure consumer safety from organic food.

Tell your grocer, tell your legislator, organic food is too dangerous to allow on the market, and should be made a criminal offense.

An Example of the Organic Horror

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Dear Friends of Organic-Free Food:

This post is a collection of links. The first link is not for the faint-hearted. It’s about organic animal abuse. It’s about the “health care” that animals on organic farms receive — or, in this case, “health care” for a poor, old, burro. It involves firearms.

The other links show that the alleged perpetrator is an organic profiteer and an exporter selling over $100K into overseas markets. And who fudges his military record. And who allegedly obviously can’t shoot even a defenseless burro to death.

Meanwhile, say a prayer for the poor burro, and for the public prosecutor who will bring this allegedly indescribable criminal to his knees.






Meanwhile, we’re still looking for an insurance company to cover damages caused by environmentalist enforcers for the Multinational Organic Industry (MOI), of which farmer McFadden is apparently a member.

Bad News.

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Dear Friends of Organic Free Food,

I have bad news. Due to the great number of reprisals against those who complained about the Medieval practices of the $40 Billion international organic industry, our insurance company has increased our payment schedule.

I said earlier that we have insurance to cover attacks from environmental fundamentalist enforcers for the organic industry, and that the insurance covered our faithful customers.

Due to the increase in insurance premiums because of terrorist threats, the cost of supplying organic free food is now as bad as the cost of supplying organic food.

Never mind that our food is certifiably safer than organic food — with bomb threats and other issues, we have to absorb the cost of doing business.

We at Organic Free Food will be looking for a new insurance provider, but for now, the cost of organic-free food has to go up in response to eco-terrorist threats.

Please stay tuned, and visit often. We’ll have an update shortly, I can assure you.

But keep reading! An informed consumer is an empowered consumer, and voting for safe, nutritious food, voting with your wallets, ultimately makes all the difference.

And, for you newcomers, scroll down. We have information you urgently need to ensure you eat safe, nutritious food.

Urgent Security Alert!

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Since adding the complaint form in the post below, we have been alerted to a number of acts of reprisal against those who have registered complaints about organic food and the organic industry.

If you submit complaints, remember to never use your actual identity! Also, do not use your regular email address. If you have used that address to post messages elsewhere on the net, it may be used to locate you. This is the main reason why we accept orders for organic free food only through the mail.

Remember, it can be worse than what’s been reported up to now. Militant environmentalist ‘enforcers’ for the organic industry, whom the FBI has identified as domestic terrorists, remain at large. If you give out personal information to representatives of the organic industry, these environmentalists could target you, your home, your family, or your place of business using all methods at their disposal. These methods can range from vandalism to arson. One environmentalist group has even said it is ‘willing to take up the gun’ to enforce their interests.

Remember: be safe, be secure, and protect your identity from the organic industry and its representatives!

Make yourself heard!

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Okay, you’ve read the earlier post below, and learned a lot about the horrors of organic food.

You realize the government does not give you the right to know if your food is organic or not.

You are disgusted at ‘fresh produce’ grown in rotted animal sewerage sludge.

You’re morally outraged at a food production system that exploits women, children and migrant workers.

Your heart breaks over the plight of dairy cows denied health care, and chickens who have to fend for themselves in insect-infested barnyards.

You feel a need to make a difference. You can!

Have your say!
They won’t know what you think until you tell them!

Press the yellow complaint button and have your say! Your opinion can make a difference!

Avoid the horrors of organic food!

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Start your organic-free lifestyle today!

Start your organic-free lifestyle today!

The seeds used to plant organic crops have had their DNA mutated by radiation and toxic chemicals. Not even scientists know all the weird changes, and new toxins and allergens, that could result from these unpredictable methods.

Organic crops are grown in sewerage sludge. But not just any sludge — Animal sludge! Organic farmers say the sludge is safe for growing food because the sludge was first left to rot for a year. Guess what causes things to rot — Bacteria!

Life-threatening infections of E. coli bacteria come from food contaminated by animal sewerage sludge — the very sludge used as ‘fertilizer’ by organic farmers!

Organic farmers rely on migrant laborers, mostly women and children, who walk the fields killing weeds and insects, and harvest the food grown in animal sewerage. They do this for almost no pay at all. Because they are often illegal persons, they suffer the same abuse as slaves and cannot complain.

Organic farmers rely on migrant worker slaves because they won’t use modern farming techniques.

A lot of the organic food sold in the US and Europe is imported from third-world countries, because sometimes it’s still cheaper than paying imported illegal migrant worker slaves. Some people worry about the sanitation requirements in third world countries, because of typhus, dengue plague, malaria, and other things that are all over.

Organic farmers refuse to use germ-killers in food production, even though the food is grown in filthy animal sewerage that’s been rotted first.

Organic farmers refuse to give their dairy cows modern medical treatment if they become ill. They give the sick cows herbs and dried flowers, instead.  As a result, the cows suffer terribly, and basically either live, or die.

Organic chickens don’t live in clean, hygeinic coops. They live outdoors, where they run around in their own manure, and in the manure of all the other animals on the farm, eating flies, bugs, maggots, and other things that live on manure.

Even though organic farming and food is dirty, unhealthy, dangerous, and cruel to humans and animals, organic food costs twice as much!

What is worse, there is no government requirement that organic food be labeled.

We offer organic-free food! Our food is certified organic-free.


All our food is produced in facilities that meet the highest, most modern sanitation requirements.

All our food production methods are overseen by government authorities who insist on the safest, best practices approved by law. Compare that to organic producers, who pay their own certifiers, to get any certificate they want.

We do not exploit humans or abuse animals in our food production, and both get modern health and veterinary care.

We use germ-killing methods to keep our food ultra-safe to eat.

And better yet, our food costs, on average, only half as much as organic food!

Since we offer every advertised food item that organic operators want to sell, and many more besides, we know we can fill every order quite easily from our nationwide network of organic free suppliers.


I know, many of you are worried about representatives of the organic industry threatening you, or your spouse, or your children, or your careers. It is widely known that these militant organic industry representatives have destroyed hundreds of millions in property. Many of them have even planted explosive bombs, or set fires, to enforce their interests. A number of them are in Federal Prison, but many of those that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have designated as ‘eco-terrorists’ are still at large, acting as ‘enforcers’ for the militant arm of the $40 billion international organic food industry.

If it became known that you have a preference for organic-free food, they might attack.

Rest assured, your orders for organic free food will remain completely confidential. We have an insurance policy which will cover attacks by representatives of the organic industry, and this insurance will cover you, as well.

And, believe me, we don’t want violence, either! To be more secure, we only accept orders by regular mail.

Simply click the blue button above to print the order form. That’s the first step in getting safe, healthy, affordable, organic-free food, delivered right to your home! Read the rest of this entry »

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